Best Truck Equipment

Since the day US Xpress started in 1985, we've been committed to keeping our drivers safe and comfortable in the best equipment on the road. Every year, we spend far more than other companies to ensure you're rolling in a newer truck that averages just two years old and is full of the latest technology.

Advanced Equipment

This year, our commitment to technology reached exciting new heights with the introduction of Xpress Mobile, our revolutionary new app. While other companies' apps simply provide company news, Mobile Xpress is designed to make your job easier with just a few taps of your smart phone or tablet.

With Xpress Mobile you Can:

  • Receive dispatch and load assignment
  • Receive and accept your pre-assignment
  • Put in for a repower and even track the progress of the other driver
  • Message your fleet manager
  • And more


  • Stay Connected - All of our over-the-road vehicles are equipped with two-way satellite communications systems that are fully integrated with our operating system. So, if you ever need anything from us, help is just the push of a button away.
  • Our trucks include a blindside camera that makes changing lanes and blindside backing easier and safer for you.
  • Driver Tech on board computer to make finding your destination easier than ever with spoken, truck-specific GPS navigation. Plus it instantly connects you to any you need , from your dispatcher, Fleet Manager or anyone else at US Xpress you need.