What is the safest speed for a truck to travel? As you know, that depends on a number of things:

  • The general speed of the traffic around you
  • Whether traffic is heavy or light
  • The terrain you’re traveling on – is it hilly or straight and flat?
  • The weather conditions you’re driving in

We know that you utilize your best judgment to determine a safe speed during the varying conditions on the road. And you’ve told us that there are times when it would be safer for you to travel at a legal speed higher than 65 MPH, like when you’re passing a slower moving vehicle or when you’re surrounded by traffic moving at a higher speed.

We heard you, and we are pleased to give you additional flexibility in determining what the right speed is for the condition you’re in.

We’re happy to announce a new 68 MPH top speed for all of our drivers at U.S. Xpress.
Right now, we’re in the process of bringing the top speed of our company fleet up to 68 MPH. So if your truck is still maxed out at a lower speed, we’ll adjust it during your next regularly scheduled maintenance.

Why are we increasing our top speed?
We believe in the expertise of professional drivers like you, and we understand that you need to have the flexibility to make the safest decisions on the road. We respect your judgment to decide when it’s safe to speed up or not. That’s why we’re pleased to increase the top speed for all of our drivers at U.S. Xpress.

As always, be safe while you’re out there working hard. We appreciate your dedicated service to U.S. Xpress and the American economy as a whole.