The Benefits of Being a U.S. Xpress Certified Driver Trainer

Are you interested in becoming a U.S. Xpress Certified Driver Trainer?

Is there something holding you back?

Let us give you more information about being a U.S. Xpress Certified Driver Trainer, so you understand whether or not this is a good fit.

We’ll discuss why you might really want to become a U.S. Xpress driver trainer, and 3 benefits of taking your career as a solo driver to the next level.

Benefit #1: Great pay.

As a Certified Driver Trainer at U.S. Xpress, you can make $110,000/year or more. That’s Top Driver Pay, combined with the number of students you choose to train each year.

Hard to believe? Let’s break down the numbers. Here are 7 ways to earn more as a U.S. Xpress Certified Driver Trainer:

  • You’ll cover more miles. When you have a student in the truck, you get paid for both your miles and the student’s miles.
  • Make an extra $20/day. Receive an extra $20 on your paycheck for every day the student is in the truck.
  • Earn up to an extra $450. When your student’s training is done and they upgrade, you’re eligible to receive a bonus of up to $450.
  • Bank an additional $50/month. Get $50 for every month a previous student has no preventable accidents, CSA points, citations or any other violations after the student has left your truck. Plus, this applies to each past student. So, if you have 2 past students with clean records, that’s $100/month. 3 past students with clean records is $150/month. And so on. The better you train, the more you earn!
  • $150 Retention Bonus. Receive this bonus if your student is still driving with U.S. Xpress 6 months after they upgrade.
  • $250 Retention Bonus. Get this bonus if your student is still driving with U.S. Xpress 12 months after they upgrade.
  • Plus, a $0.05 Safety Performance Bonus!*

With all of these potential additional payments and bonuses, U.S. Xpress Certified Driver Trainers can earn up to $110,000/year.

Benefit #2: It can be incredibly rewarding.

When you put a safe driver on the road, it feels great to know you’ve helped make trucking better. And, many drivers feel it’s personally satisfying when you train a student right. They take pride in putting safe drivers on the road, as well as giving students a positive training experience.

Plus, when training is over, it’s not the end of the relationship. Trainers make professional contacts that they maintain throughout their career. They stay in touch with their students, and their students stay in touch with them.

Interested in becoming a U.S. Xpress driver trainer?

See if you qualify:

  • You must have 1 year of Safe CDL-A driving experience in order to become a driver trainer at U.S. Xpress.*
    *Applies to company drivers only. Independent contractors should call for more details.

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