Here’s my favorite ideas so far from talking with fellow Drivers about what they would do with a $4,500 trucking bonus:


  • Take an international trip (since we’ve seen a lot of the U.S. already).
  • Invest in new appliances for the rig like a mini fridge, flat screen TV, DVD player, or a mini grill or stove.
  • Get new workout gear—for those with a blossoming wellness routine (or to fight a blossoming waistline).
  • Make a list of the top restaurants in the lower 48 and put some of your bonus money aside for some fine dining experiences.
  • Get a fancy lap dog with shiny collars and excessive doggy accessories. (Man’s best ride along companion!)

We’ve talked about what we can do with a $4,500 bonus, but how do we get the cash in the first place?


Technician Referral Bonus!


They’re giving any U.S. Xpress employee who can successfully refer a skilled Technician to join up a $1,200 bonus to start. With a second successful referral they will give a $1,500 bonus. With a third successful referral (and with any referral after that) they will give you an $1,800 bonus.

So in my opinion, if you haven’t taken advantage of this new bonus you’re missing out on a nice pay opportunity.

Do you know a Technician who would be a good fit? Just visit www.usxtechreferral.com to help your next referral sign up while you take the cash!