Thinking about becoming a team driver?

This interview with father and son team drivers, Charles and Josh Malone, will help give you an idea of what a successful team can look like:

How Charles and Josh ended up teaming up

Charles had driven solo for 1 year and 7 months before he made an offer to 2 of his sons, Brian and Josh, to team up with him.

When Charles made the offer, he was sure Brian would take him up on it. But to Charles’ surprise, Josh agreed to the deal.

At the time of our interview, Josh didn’t know his father had expected Brian to take him up on the deal. So Josh was hearing his father explain this side of the story for the first time!

Due to Josh’s unexpected behavior, Charles refers to him as “the wild child” of the family. But perhaps Josh’s wild days are behind him: Over the 2+ years he’s driven with his dad, he’s become more serious about his career.

Josh: “Most 25-year-olds want to be partying or are in school…Now I have a CDL in my pocket and plenty of opportunities waiting for me…”

Do Charles and Josh get along?

According to Josh, they have a great relationship. “We get along really well. We always have. We have a lot of similar interests.”

That’s really something, because they’ve been driving together for years. And if you’re familiar with team driving, it involves not only spending a lot of time with your co-driver, but being in close proximity.

“It’s like a marriage out here,” says Charles, “regardless of whether you’re married or not. You need to respect each other’s boundaries.”

How’s their equipment?

In 2016, Charles and Josh had been driving 2015 Freightliners at US Xpress. Josh remarks, “We’ve never had problems with them.”

How does Charles feel, being the father of a now-successful truck driver?

“I’m proud of him,” says Charles. “I’ve watched him kind of grow up. [Trucking has] changed his life.”

Josh responds jokingly, “I haven’t watched you grow up. You got younger.”

Charles: “I’ll never grow up, man.”

We’re proud to have drivers like Charles and Josh Malone on our fleet. To all you teams out there, thank you for your hard work and your dedication to truck driving. Be safe!

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