Trucking can be challenging enough without having to worry about your diet. Most of us don’t have time to carefully consider how to develop healthier eating habits when trying to nail down the most efficient route to deliver a load. A lot of the time, fast food is the easiest option.

That’s the reality. But unfortunately, another reality is that truck driving can be a major threat to your well-being. With limited nutritious options on the road and a cramped work space, the natural lifestyle of a trucker can cause serious health problems in the long run.

Plus, when you’re out on the road, it can be easy to munch on bad stuff when you’re waiting on something or on break.

Why you should eat healthier

Eating healthier will not only help you take inches off your waistline. Developing healthier eating habits will also make you feel better and have more energy, making you an even better driver. And let’s face it: You are already awesome!

So what are some easy ways to eat healthier as a truck driver? You don’t have to become a complete health nut. It may surprise you how simple it is to make better eating choices.


Tips for healthier eating habits as a truck driver

#1. Load up on healthy food at the grocery store before you hit the road. Buy these things before your next run:

  • Lots of water (to avoid soda and other sugary drinks)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Protein bars
  • Any other healthy foods and drinks you can find

A little preparation goes a long way. And you can easily buy these things at the grocery store the day before your run.

Buying groceries before your run may feel like paying more, but think about it this way: In the long run, you probably pay way less for groceries than fast food.


#2. When fast food is your only option, pick healthier alternatives on the menu. Try these menu options at any of the following restaurants:

  • McDonald’s—try the Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich instead of the usual Double Cheeseburger. Even go a little wild and avoid the fries. Get two sandwiches instead, if you feel like you need to.
  • Subway—check out the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 6” Sub. That’s supposed to be healthier than a lot of other options on their menu. Plus, it’s a smaller portion of food that you can combine with the healthy snacks packed in your truck.
  • Starbucks—try the Americano, iced or hot. It’s just espresso and water. So basically, it’s a regular cup of coffee. This is a better option than sugary coffee drinks. It’s the same caffeine boost without the sugar crash.
  • Taco Bell—try any of the “healthy” tacos on their menu for a smarter alternative to some of the greasier options.
  • Burger King—order the Whopper Jr. It’s a smaller portion that won’t make you feel as sluggish after dinner.


#3. Remove the temptation to eat sugary or fatty food in your truck. Stock up on healthier options, so that when you’re challenged by the job, you don’t end up stress-eating junk food.


Bringing it all together

The road doesn’t make it easy to eat healthy. Use the tips above to help you develop healthier eating habits on the road.


What are your best tips to eat healthy? Leave a comment below!