Congratulations to the New Inductees!

The new Road Team Captains were specially selected for their safe driving record, and their positive outlooks on their jobs.

The Road Team Captains will act as ambassadors for Drivers across the country. Each Captain will have a two year term in which they’ll begin to build and maintain positive relationships at the terminals, and out on the road as they are routed to various special events.

Each Captain will be called on periodically by company leadership to hear upcoming news or changes and to give their feedback on those topics. With different backgrounds and experience levels, our Captains will provide interesting and valuable feedback about life on the road.

Congrats again to our Road Team Captains and thank you for all that you do!

Our Captains

Allen Madlock – Allen, from Lima, OH, has been working with U.S. Xpress for six years as a solo OTR Driver, and has 27 years of driving experience. He enjoys all kinds of sports, and loves to coach. He also likes to work on smaller engines in his spare time.

Andrew Denney – Andrew has been a dedicated Driver for U.S. Xpress for the past three years, and has had four more years of experience beyond that. Andrew loves to spend time with his wife, three kids, and friends whenever he isn’t on the road.

George Zuna – George is from Ocala, FL and has been driving with U.S. Xpress for just over five years.  But this certainly isn’t the extent of his driving experience. George has been safely driving for over 25 years! But George doesn’t just love to drive his truck, he also loves to drive his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Lorenzo Countee – Lorenzo has been a Driver at U.S. Xpress for 16 years. His time here combined with prior experience comes out to over 26 years of driving experience. In that time, he’s achieved a lot! He’s a Safe Million Miler, he won 2017 Dedicated Driver of the Year, and he also won Dedicated Driver of the Month for August last year.

Andree Washington – Andree is an OTR Driver of three years from Cartersville, GA. Before he was a Driver, he was in the Marines for eight years, and was awarded a Navy Accommodation Medal for his service. Beyond this, Andree likes to ride motorcycles, build IT networks, and play video games.

Mary Rose Simmons – Mary Rose is from Virginia Beach, VA. She’s been driving for two years, and came on with U.S. Xpress a little over a year ago. Mary Rose loves to be active and loves the outdoors. She runs, fishes, swims, and even water skis.

Jaime Mount – Jaime has been a team driver with U.S. Xpress for three years with Joel. He is also known for his on time pick-ups and drop-offs, and his communication skills. He uses his downtime to play the saxophone, watch Oklahoma football, and to cook barbeque.

Deborah Giles – Deb is a solo OTR Driver with U.S. Xpress who has been driving for five years.  She’s worked with us for the last two years and six months. Deb likes anything Harry Potter, crochet, and Pokémon GO along with some other video games.

Joel Hendrix – Joel is a team Driver, and first came on with U.S. Xpress three years ago in August. In his three years of driving, Joel is consistent and on time for all of his pick-ups and drop-offs, and has been commended on his communication and organization skills. In his spare time, Joel enjoys working on car engines and working with computers.

Leon Richardson – Leon first started driving about nine months ago and is now an OTR Driver. Leon loves spending time with his fiancée and their friends, and he also loves driving his motorcycle. Leon also spends time taking care of both of his parents whenever he can.

Debra Mitchell – Debra is a Driver of just over five years and has been with U.S. Xpress for almost two of them. She’s a solo OTR Driver. When she’s not on the road, Debra loves to watch her son box (he’s a professional boxer), listen to her granddaughter sing, and to bake cakes, her specialty!

Nailah Miller-King – Nailah has been with U.S. Xpress at the Tunnel Hill terminal for a year. When she’s at home, Nailah loves to sing and cook for her family. She’s said that she couldn’t have achieved all that she has in her life without the love and support of her family.