When it comes to jobs, Marilyn Hicks has been around the block — not only in the trucking industry, but everywhere.

She’s worked at a textile plant, grocery store, and school as a substitute teacher, teacher’s assistant and bus driver.

In trucking, she’s been a Flatbed Driver, Dedicated Driver and Over The Road Driver. Currently, Marilyn is an Over The Road Driver Trainer for U.S. Xpress, and a Lease Driver.

During home time, she serves as Choir President at church and works with her youth department. Her hobbies include reading, cooking and Pinterest.

As a mom, grandmother, wife and loyal friend, she loves spending quality time with her five children, eight grandchildren, husband and community. And the Rider Policy at U.S. Xpress actually allows Marilyn to share her life on the road with her loved ones.

Marilyn has worked at U.S. Xpress for over fourteen years and covered over a million miles in her trucking career. So what’s her story, and how did she become so successful? Read more to find out.


“Here at U.S. Xpress, you’re not a number. My fleet manager knows my name. He knows my voice.” — Marilyn Hicks, U.S. Xpress Over The Road Driver Trainer

Why Marilyn came to U.S. Xpress

Before Marilyn Hicks came to U.S. Xpress in 2001, she worked as a truck driver pulling containers out of the Port of Savannah in Georgia.

But when 9/11 occurred, the tragedy caused an economic ripple, slowing business throughout ports in the U.S. And for Marilyn, it meant less freight and a blow to her livelihood.

She knew she had to make a change. So she reached out to a friend who worked on a Dedicated Account at U.S. Xpress. That’s when Marilyn started working with US.

Now a successful OTR Driver Trainer at U.S. Xpress, Marilyn has proved herself time and time again as a valuable asset to our company.

We love her!

But how does she feel about U.S. Xpress? 

What Marilyn loves about US


The Rider Policy
With the Rider Policy, Marilyn gets to enjoy life on the road with the people she loves. One time, she and her best friend were able to meet their favorite soap opera star, Karla Mosley from The Bold and the Beautiful, at a live episode of The Price Is Right in California. Marilyn explains, “I got to share that moment with my best friend because of the Rider Policy.”


The people
We believe the most important part of U.S. is U. And Marilyn agrees. “Here at U.S. Xpress, you’re not a number. My fleet manager knows my name. He knows my voice.” But it’s not just the fleet manager who knows Marilyn personally. “That’s what I like about U.S. Xpress: They have an open-door policy. We get to walk around corporate, and meet the fleet managers, training coordinators, load planners, fuel department…and I like that because I always like to put a face to a voice.”


We get Marilyn home, especially when she needs it most
Once, a close friend passed away while Marilyn was running in Montana with a student driver. Marilyn called management to request immediate leave. “Mr. James Hudson got on the phone and said, ‘Marilyn, what can I do for you today to make you happy?’” That’s when dispatch assigned Marilyn a different load from Idaho to Savannah, so she could make it to her friend’s funeral. Marilyn is grateful. “I mean, who does that? There’s just so much I could talk about with this company.”

So what does the future hold for Marilyn?

As far as Marilyn’s concerned, there’s no need to switch trucking companies. Ever.

“Honestly, I see myself retiring with the company. I’m happy where I am. I’m happy here with U.S. Xpress.” We’re grateful to have Marilyn on our team, too!

What’s your background? Tell us about your journey as a truck driver in the comments below.