Favorite Condiments, Brewery Dreams and a Freight Mama: Meet Our Team

Want to learn more about who makes U.S. Xpress?

Our Meet the Team videos give you a glimpse into the lives of the people who make our company a great place to work. From dreams of opening a brewery to dream team drivers, get to know our team a little more.

Karen and Richard Black

Let’s kick off our introductions with Professional Drivers Karen and Richard Black.

Karen and Richard like driving as a team because when the truck is always rolling, you’re constantly making money. Richard’s been driving for 14 years and came to U.S. Xpress so he could team up with Karen when she joined him on the road a little over three years ago. Their tips for turning the cab into a home? Definitely invest in a mattress topper and a rug.

Check out their advice for how they make team driving work and find out who their dream team driver would be.

David Tomshack

Director of Safety David Tomshack was a driver in a former life, so he knows safety. For him, the best part about being a driver was getting to see the country. David says his background makes it easier to talk safety with drivers today.

Find out what has changed in safety since he started at U.S. Xpress 15 years ago, what he loves about the company and what his favorite condiment is.

James Teglas

Shop Supervisor James Teglas began his career as a tank mechanic in the Army. Who does he channel professionally? He says his mom, who was a hardworking, single mom of three. When he’s not working in our Springfield Service Center, he’s most likely brewing his own beer. He dreams of opening his own brewery one day.

Hear James talk about life in our shops and what his driver CB handle would be.

Ashley Ellison

From childhood appearances on cable television shows to teenage drag racing, Director of Dedicated Operations Ashley Ellison has a unique past. Ashley’s been with the company for 13 years and says no day has ever been the same. The constant change is what she loves about working in trucking—that and her CB handle, Freight Mama.

She says her dream team driver would have to make her laugh. Find out who that would be and more.