Whatever kind of truck driving you pursue, it’s important to have an idea of what makes a successful truck driver — and how you can ensure your success with a company for the long term.


Marilyn has had a successful track record with U.S. Xpress for more than 14 years. And, as she explains, “To have longevity with U.S. Xpress, there are a few key things.


How to Be a Successful Truck Driver and Stay at a Company for the Long Haul


  • Build great relationships with the people you work with. “Form a relationship with your fleet manager. They’re people too…So we have to learn to be patient.” U.S. Xpress fleet managers work with 25–30 drivers at once, making it all the more important to build good relationships with them. Marilyn stresses that importance: “But that — form a relationship with your fleet manager and everyone else involved with your fleet, and fleet owners, and managers…and just be kind to people.”

  • Focus on safety. At U.S. Xpress, we understand that safety is top priority. And Marilyn agrees. “U.S. Xpress putting safety first is the most important thing for this job because if you can’t be safe, what’s the point in taking home a paycheck?” So if you’re thinking about staying with a company for a long time, you have to be fiercely dedicated to mastering safety.

  • Switching companies requires a lot of paperwork — a huge inconvenience — especially when you can’t be sure if the next company will even work out for you. As Marilyn explains, “Realize that it’s just too much paperwork!” That’s because experienced drivers like Marilyn understand: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


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