Being a Professional Truck Driver isn’t always easy. In fact it can be downright stressful! But that’s why every one of us can use these top 6 tools—or comfort items—to make life more manageable on the road, away from home or when things really get going on the job.

1. A Good Flashlight – Because whatever can go wrong will probably happen in the middle of the night. Many of my Driver buddies swear by the perpetual shaking flashlight… or the flashlights that can be plugged into the dash! Just if you choose to go the traditional flashlight route make sure to have extra batteries close by.

2. Truck Driving Shoes – You and I already know that open-toed shoes (like flip flops or sandals) are big no-no’s! But investing in quality tennis shoes or even durable boots can make a huge difference during those long-hauls.

3. Xpress Mobile App – Driving with U.S. Xpress comes with some unique perks. The Xpress Mobile App is probably among the most useful. Easy access to current and past load info—check. A Map Satellite View that pinpoints where the gates are located—check. Ability to view paperwork straight from your mobile device—check!

4. A Safe Crock Pot – Hot meals… could you want more? The versatility in what you’re able to make with a slow cooker is reason enough to have one of these bad boys in the cab. But I do say safe crockpot because things can get hot. Safety first as they say!

5. External Event Recorder – Truth is, these days Professional Drivers need the added protection of an outside facing dash cam. When those pesky, non-commercial vehicles aren’t lining up with the safety guidelines that we Drivers have to abide by, this tech could help clear us of any fault in a sticky situation.

6. Game Console – There’s a time and place for everything, but that definitely includes some relaxation when your truck is shutdown on break. PlayStation, Xbox, mobile hotspot, laptop for gaming and movies—whatever floats your party boat—just make sure to give yourself some YOU time every once and a while.

That’s my list. Now, tell me what you think! What other tools or comfort items can you just not live without as a Driver?

* The Xpress Mobile App has a new layout and new features! Register here first, and then follow the steps to download the app.

** U.S. Xpress has already installed 200 External Event Recorders and is gearing up for the next set of installations in the coming months. If you would like to be next in line for installations, click here to send a quick email request.