Meet your new best friend, your wingman, your sidekick—The External Event Recorder!

What’s an External Event Recorder? It’s a dashcam that is installed on the windshield and, when triggered, will record video outside of the cab.

Here are just a few reasons why we want them installed in our trucks as fast as possible.

  • It will be used as a coaching tool just like a sports recap video. The more insight we have into safe driving habits, the safer our Drivers are on the road, the safer our entire fleet becomes, keeping the motoring public safer as well.
  • The External Event Recorder has the potential to clear you of fault in an accident you didn’t cause by providing an accurate record of what actually happened instead of what someone else said happened.

The External Event Recorder is just that—external. This means when a triggering event occurs it only saves video footage outside of the cab and audio inside the cab. A triggering event can be an instance of hard braking, fast acceleration, swerving, quick lane changing or a collision. Once the device is triggered, 8 seconds of video before the event and 4 seconds after the event will be saved and then can be reviewed later.

You also have the option to manually record anything outside of the cab in those instances when you feel that you may need a record of what just happened on the road, such as when another vehicle cuts in front of you. Your wingman is looking out for you!

It needs a better name and you should be the one to name it!

What should we call your new best friend? Share your name ideas in the comments below, or use #DriverNameIt when posting on Facebook and Instagram.