#1. MAX Money

With all the additional miles you cover and bonuses you can get as a US Xpress team driver, you can earn a max of 82 CPM.

Here’s how. Teams at US Xpress can earn up to 55 CPM. Plus a 22 CPM mileage bonus if both drivers have HAZMAT certifications and qualify. And with another 5 CPM bonus if you stay out for more than 45 days. 55CPM + 22CPM + 5CPM = 82 CPM (split). That’s MAX pay.


#2. MAX Bonus Cash

On top of the bonuses mentioned above, there are even more opportunities to earn extra:

  1. $8K–$10K Sign-on Bonus when you join a US Xpress team.
  2. Referral Bonuses. You can refer other drivers to US Xpress and get paid for it. For example, you get $1,000 whenever we hire a solo driver you referred — and $3,000 for teams.
  3. Ask our recruiters for more information about the bonuses at US Xpress.


Hear what real US Xpress drivers have to say about our bonuses, pay, equipment and company culture:

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#3. MAX Miles

Team drivers can cover double the miles in half the time. Therefore, it’s the large amount of miles team drivers cover that can significantly accelerate their pay.


#4. MAX Equipment

US Xpress Team MAX drivers roll in some of the newest equipment in the industry: 2016–2017 trucks.


#5. MAX Shop Priority

Team MAX drivers have top priority in the shop, so you can cover more miles with less wait time.


#6. MAX Tuition Payoff

Ask a US Xpress recruiter about how Team MAX drivers earn up to $7K in tuition reimbursement — twice as fast.


#7. MAX Opportunities

We have teams on our fleet making $175,000+ a year. Just let that number settle in for a moment!


#8. MAX Match

Team driving is a popular career for couples who’ve retired from previous jobs or whose kids have left the nest.

But, you also may be looking for a teammate, and you don’t have anyone in mind yet.

We understand that it’s a challenge to find the right person. That’s why we created Team Match.

Team Match is a special program from US Xpress that’s designed to help you find a driver who matches your personal preferences.

For example, do you want to drive with a male or female? Smoking or non-smoking?

Let us know your preferences by filing out a Team Match profile, and we’ll match you with the ideal teammate. It takes less than a minute to create a profile. We recommend you do this now!

Fill out a short profile now!


Interested in becoming a US Xpress team driver? It’s paying more than ever!

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