We believe skilled drivers like you are the most important part of our company and we’re eager to do all we can to make you feel like you’re part of the family—starting with orientation.

Welcome to U.S. Xpress!

Orientation gives us an opportunity to welcome you to a better trucking life at U.S. Xpress. But, it’s about much more than that. Orientation is also about keeping you safe, along with everyone around you. That’s why we take a few days to ensure you’re confident and comfortable in the driver’s seat. And, we’re happy to pay you for your time!

What to Expect:

We hold orientation sessions twice a week in multiple locations across the country. The process consists of a road-driving test, DOT physical, physical standards test, urinalysis, and hair test. You will also become familiar with our safety protocol and operation procedures, and complete on-boarding paperwork.

Orientation lasts three full days, and upon hire, company drivers will be paid between $100 and $104 a day depending on your location. We’ll provide lodging and transportation to the orientation site. Please let us know if you need help getting to class. We’ll see you soon!


All CDL drivers must be registered through Clearinghouse per the FMCSA. Click the link below to expedite the orientation process!



The Clearinghouse is a secure online database that will give U.S. Xpress personnel real-time information about CDL drug and alcohol program violations.

Driver FAQ’s

Orientation Locations

Chicago, IL

2900 W.166th St.
Markham, IL 60426

Dallas, TX

34511 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway
Dallas, TX 75241

Shippensburg, PA

1069 Seibert Ave.
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Springfield, OH

825 W. Leffel Lane
Springfield OH 45506

Ellenwood, GA

2664 Campbell Blvd,
Ellenwood, GA 30294

Tunnel Hill, GA

1535 New Hope Church Road,
Tunnel Hill GA 30755

Duncan, SC

496 Robin Lake Rd,
Duncan, SC 29334

What to Bring:

Identification: Class A CDL and Social Security card
Your name on your social security card must read the same as your driver’s license. No metal cards or copies of your social security card. If your SS card is laminated, you have to have a letter from the social security office showing you have a new card on order plus your certified birth certificate and/or passport. If you need glasses to drive, please make sure restrictions are specified on your license and please bring your corrective eye-wear. You are only allowed to have 1 valid license. All other license must be surrendered before you come to orientation, and cannot be suspended.
Employment Verifications
If you have any type of self-employment, military experience, or jobs that are out of business, you need to fax documents for those time frames to your recruiter before orientation. Bring the originals to orientation. We have to verify every job you have held for the last 3 years.Please be sure your recruiter has a working number to all of your jobs in the last 3 years. Please bring truck driving school transcripts and a certificate if you are a student driver.
Personal Items
1-2 weeks of clothing, bedding, personal hygiene items, bath towels, and alarm clock. Greyhound allows 1 carry-on (25 lbs. or less) and 1 checked bag (50 lbs. or less) free of charge. All other bags are at your expense.
The company provides a Greyhound bus ticket to orientation. If you elect to drive, US Xpress will reimburse fuel expense up to the price of the Greyhound bus ticket. Keep fuel receipts and turn them in at orientation.
Direct Deposit
To set up direct deposit, you will need a voided check, or a letter on bank letterhead that includes
your account information.

Physical Standard Test:

About Our Physical Standard Test (PST)
Tips for Success: 

To ensure successful completion of your DOT & Physical Standards Test, we highly recommend that you limit your intake of the following prior to testing:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda or any highly caffeinated beverages
  • Energy drinks

More than 25 mg intake of caffeine may elevate both your heart rate and blood pressure which will have detrimental effects on your testing results.

DOT Physical

  • Vision – must be corrected at least 20/40 or better in both eyes
  • Respiratory, cardiac, medical history and medications screening
  • Hearing test with or without hearing aid

Physical Standards Test (PST)

  • Balance on one leg (both legs tested). Average of 15 seconds over three, 30 second trials is required to pass.
  • Climb onto platform into high kneel. Simulates getting in and out of trailer.
  • Squat/Crawl under platform. Simulates maneuvering under a trailer for inspection/repair.
  • Lift of 50 lbs. – Floor to 35” high shelf to 55” high shelf and back to floor. Simulates lifting merchandise in and out of storage/transportation carts (aka “roll-tainers”), and personal gear in and out of truck.
  • Repetitive Squat while lifting 20 lb. box from floor to waist high shelf. Simulates lifting of merchandise required for unloading trailer.
  • Push and Pull of 120 lbs. of force for 25’ and over threshold. Simulates push and pull of a loaded cart/roll-tainer from a trailer to the store and back.

Must pass a pre-employment drug screening and road test.

U.S. Xpress’ key policies and procedures will be covered during orientation.

* Information is subject to change without notice.

Road Test:

About Our Road Test
Road Test Includes:

  • 20 minute road test – Failure results in a disqualification
  • 40 minute backing test – Failure results in Enhanced backing training as remediation
  • After remedial training is completed a second test opportunity is afforded

The driver will fail the road test if they are unable to perform the following tasks identified in FMCSA 391.31(c):

  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Coupling or uncoupling
  • Place the vehicle into operation
  • Make proper right and left turns
  • Properly brake/slow the vehicle
  • Properly set up and execute a 45 degree and 90 degree back between two trailers.
    • If the driver backs into an object such as a cone or into a tractor or trailer, the driver will fail the road test. The driver will also fail if you must stop the driver to keep them from backing into a trailer
    • If the driver takes longer than 40 minutes for the two required backing maneuvers (45 degree and 90 degree), the driver will fail

The driver will fail if they have a preventable accident during the course of the road test

Welcome to the Team!

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