Earn up to $110,000 as a Certified Driver Trainer.

When you get certified, it means you’re a serious professional who’s committed to doing the right thing. Consider the good you could do, plus the great money you could make, and you’ll realize just how rewarding training can be.



No One Values Trainers More than U.S. Xpress.

As a Certified Driver Trainer, you’ll immediately raise your earning potential at U.S. Xpress by 30%… up to $110,000 a year! Here are a few ways your income will add up FAST:

  • Paid for ALL MILES the truck runs
  • $20 for every day each student is on your truck
  • Up to $450 for every student who upgrades
  • Up to $1,000 per student in additional bonuses based on the students’ safety records and longevity with US Xpress
  • 5 CPM Safety Performance Bonus

Join One of the Best Trainer Certification Programs in the Industry.

As a Certified Driver Trainer, you will teach new students how to become safe drivers. Some of the topics covered in your class include:

  • Program guidelines
  • Avoiding CSA violations
  • Learning styles and personality types
  • Resolving conflict on the truck
  • Tractor maintenance
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • OS&D and cargo claims procedures

You’ll even be paid when you complete the class—and you can immediately begin taking drivers, and earning money.

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Safety is our number one priority at U.S. Xpress. That’s why our driver trainers:

Must be 21 years of age and have one year of safe CDL A driving experience.
Bonus Payouts subject to qualifications – Ask recruiter for details

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