First of all, US Xpress does not condone many of the vehicles in these crazy truck photos.

We’re proud to put our drivers in the latest equipment here.

That said, allow us to have a little fun and share 24 of the most startling crazy truck pics we could find on Instagram under the hashtag #CrazyTruck.

1. This truck parked in a residential area like no big deal.

Was this crazy truck hauling artwork? Whatever the case — kind of a cool design.



This sign comes across as more of a personal warning than a public statement. As if to imply, “BEWARE OF DOG…BECAUSE IT GNAWED OFF MY ENTIRE WHEEL WELL.”


3. That’s marketing for you.

That’s one way to advertise your business. What shoe size would you say this boot is?


4. Startling? More like startlingly nice.

Nothing funny here. We just wanted to show off this cool truck. ‘Nuff said.


5. “The Invisible Truck.”

These days, people sell air out of jars. So maybe this delivery is going to some isolated community in Canada? We’re stumped. Tell US what U think in the comments.


6. When you can’t pay the tunnel toll.

Looks like someone took the scenic route through the Chesapeake! But all jokes aside, this art car is kind of awesome.


7. Hay there!

How many horses do you figure this could feed in a single day? 100? 200? 300? More?


8. Subtle.

We’re not sure, but we think there’s a truck behind that décor!


9. Find the hidden animals.

Think you can spot them all? Look again. Have you spotted the quail? That’s right, we didn’t think so. 😂😂😂


10. “I pledge allegiance to the flags of the united countries of everyplace…”

Most people are proud of their nation of origin. But this motorist is proud of everyone’s origin. And we’ve got to say…you can’t beat this guy in terms of his enthusiasm toward planet earth.


11. This crazy truck: Delivering loads 2 days early for the past 20 years.

We want to see what happens when the driver lets those babies rip!


12. “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas.”

Unnecessary? Yes. But this is Vegas. So, why not? Dr. Seuss would be proud.


13. That’s one way to do it!

Not sure what the story is with this crazy truck, but at least the motorist knows how to transport without taking multiple trips.


14. Truck-Zilla.

The great “road train.” This photo was taken in Australia, where road trains are a huge part of the transportation industry. These rigs are over 2 times the length of your average semi tractor and trailer (up to 176 feet). They take even longer to brake than normal trucks, and can take up to 9 miles to reach top speed. You wouldn’t want to get in the way of this thing. Except the driver in this photo, who seems to be safely perched on the grill.


15. The only truck you can spot from the seat of an airplane above Utah at 2AM.

Say what you will…at least this driver took his parents advice to “Be seen, not heard”!


16. “The little semi that could.”

This truck may be tiny, but that won’t hold it back from achieving its dreams. Keep chugging, big guy.


17. “We’re gonna need a bigger car.”

We’re not sure which is more fitting: The theme music from Jaws, or Jurassic Park?


18. A less scary photo of the crazy truck above.

Tough with a tender side: The winning combination of any great trucker.


19. This crazy truck that looks like it’s supposed to take over the world.

What do you get when you cross army men, baby doll heads and CDs with a GMC? Well, THIS.



Don’t panic, motorists. In the front of that cab, there’s an experienced driver trainer. And, unlike your old driver’s ed instructor, this trainer will not be yanking the steering wheel.


21. When you can’t tell which way is up.

Introducing a car that’s neither upside-down, nor right-side-up. It’s right-side-upside-down!


22. Zombie Truck.

We’re not 100% sure why they made this truck look like a zombie. Maybe it represents how the transportation industry never dies? We’ll go with that. Plus, the truck just looks darn cool.


23. “KEY WEST.”

Ahhh, Key West. Where sharks wear lures as tongue piercings and bug-eyed puffer fish stare down the locals. Thanks, truck grill. We appreciate what you were going for.


24. Muahahaha!

“Yes…yeees…bring me your freight, and I will ship it for you.” Caption this crazy truck photo in the comments below!


Now It’s Your Turn.

What’s the most crazy truck you’ve ever seen on the road? Let US know in the comments below.