What crazy road signs have you seen while driving?

We’ve scraped together some of the most unusual, funniest signs we could find.

Plus: In the comments at the bottom of the page, tell us about the weirdest road signs you’ve seen on the road.

Here’s our list:

1. Wait a minute…they WANT us to crash!

Let’s see if we’ve got this right. According to the sign, we’re supposed to play Chicken with oncoming traffic. And it looks like cars are supposed to come out of the woods on the right and sideswipe us, then do a hit-and-run, and escape back into the woods. GOT IT, THANKS.


2. But who should we obey?

These stop signs just can’t agree on what you should do at this turn. Get your act together, stop signs.


3. When road signs reveal way too much personality:

Right about now, we’re wondering how many horrors had to occur on this road to make a sign like this even necessary.


4. Unless you’re a hovercraft or the Magic School Bus…

Seriously, guys, you CAN’T drive your car into this watery grave. Because we will NOT tolerate cars driving through the Potomac in order to by-pass rush hour traffic.


5. Preschool was WRONG.

And all of this time, we thought that was a PERSON on a HORSE. Thanks for clearing that up, crazy road signs.


Your turn:

What crazy road signs have you seen out on the road? Tell US in the comments below.