We’re proud to be one of the select few trucking companies to participate in the exclusive Post-9/11 GI Bill® program. The Veterans Administration just accredited US, and we’re excited to share more information about the program and how it could benefit you, the military veteran.

After you come out of service, finding the right career is stressful. That’s why our new Post-9/11 GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program could be just what you need to relieve your anxiety and start earning great pay fast.


What is this exclusive GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program at U.S. Xpress?

The Apprenticeship Program at U.S. Xpress allows veterans like you coming out of active duty to receive stipends directly from the Veteran Administration to your checking account — on top of your regular driver pay.

If you qualify, you could receive up to $25,700 from the V.A. over a 24-month period. Added to your regular driver pay, you could earn up to $82,000 your first year at U.S. Xpress.

Importantly, this program allows you to start receiving V.A. stipends from the moment you begin training, so you’ll be able to pay the bills while you transition into your career at U.S. Xpress.


Why does U.S. Xpress offer the Post-9/11 GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program?

We fought long and hard to have the V.A. accredit our company for the GI Bill® program. Why? Because, we wanted more veterans like you on our fleet.

But why? Because, we believe veterans deserve more. We value your work ethic, your loyalty and your attention to detail. The military teaches the same stuff we stand for, so we find veterans tend to be the kind of people we want driving our company.


Should you apply for our Post-9/11 GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program?

This program is designed to help you get a higher paying job when you come home, so you don’t have to struggle paying your own bills or supporting loved ones.

Not every company is friendly to veterans. And frankly, we don’t understand why. Because we believe veterans present an advantage to the trucking industry. With this in mind, we provide more opportunities for military to help you transition from active service to civilian life.

But don’t take our word for it…


Watch this VIDEO to hear why more veterans are coming to U.S. Xpress:


Benefits of the GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program

  • You could earn up to $82,000 your first year. Where do we get those numbers? That’s the direct cash deposits you would receive your first year on top of the great pay you can make as a U.S. Xpress driver.
  • Simply put, the program allows veterans like you to earn more!
  • Easily transition into a great career with Top Pay. Our GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program is like a bridge that can take you from where you are to earning good money, with no pay breaks between now and then.

Interested in joining our GI Bill® Program?

Call the V.A. at 855-442-4551 or visit www.gibill.va.gov to see if you qualify.


Already with U.S. Xpress? You may also be eligible to participate in our exclusive GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program. Contact the V.A. to determine your eligibility today.


Another Opportunity for U.S. Xpress Veteran Drivers: 2-year Adanced Rate of Pay

Don’t want to spend your GI Bill® but still interested in U.S. Xpress military benefits? We also offer 2-year advanced rate of pay for veterans. You may be able to use relevant experience from your service and apply it to truck driving. This means we may be able to launch you straight into getting the pay that normally a driver would have to work 2 years to get.


Watch this video to find out more about our 2-year advanced rate of pay:



Visit our U.S. Xpress military page to learn more about the great opportunities for veterans at U.S. Xpress.