Is truck driving right for you? Test yourself with these 3 important things that make truck drivers great


Too many people get into jobs (yes, even truck driving) only to later find out they don’t fit.

So if you’re serious about truck driving, then read up on what real drivers think are the abilities you need to become successful.


Here’s what makes people great at truck driving:

#1: Self-motivation & a positive attitude
Anyone in the industry will tell you: If you want to be good at trucking, you have to work hard. Driving is literally for “driven” people! Do you put in effort when no one is watching? Can you push forward even when life gets complicated? If that’s you, then you may be well on your way to becoming a good truck driver.

#2: Respect for trainers & a good dose of common sense
Do you feel like you’re smarter than your current job? Good. Do you try your best to always improve? Even better. When you start out in trucking, you’ll have to listen carefully and learn a lot of new things. But over time, it’s always the hardest, most respectful workers who become the best drivers. Give respect…get respect. It’s that simple. If this sounds right to you, you’ll go a long way in trucking.

#3: The ability to patiently (and safely) drive long hours
Every day on the job, truckers have to drive for long stretches. Driving takes a lot of patience. So if you enjoy traveling long distances across the country, truck driving could be the perfect career for you.

How did you do?

If you found yourself saying, “Yep…yep…that’s me,” then you could make a great driver. You enjoy getting things done on your own. But you’re also good at listening, and you desire to succeed.

What do you think are the most important aspects of being a good truck driver? Tell us in the comments below.