You’re reading this article because you’re interested in at least the idea of getting exercise on the road. And, working out with a resistance band is an easier way to exercise without access to a gym.

Maybe you’re aware that chronic illness is a bigger threat to truckers than other industry professionals because of the extended period drivers spend sitting in one place. Therefore, the body has little to no ability to receive the exercise it needs.

Resistance Band Workouts

Below are 3 simple resistance band exercises that can help you stay fit and avoid chronic illnesses.

1. Resistance Band Core Workout

What is the “core”?

Your core includes most of the muscles outside of your arms and legs. Exercising your core is a great way to create a firmer, tighter midsection (chest, stomach).

  1. Put a resistance band through one of your cab door’s lower interior hand-holds.
  2. Grip the resistance band handles in each hand.
  3. Bring your hands together and cross your fingers in a “praying” position. In this hand position, you should have the resistance band grips cradled inside your palms.
  4. Step back from your cab door so there’s just a tiny bit of slack on the resistance band. Try standing 4 to 5 feet from your truck.
  5. Spread out your legs for stability and plant your feet firmly.
  6. Extend your arms out forward, at about chest height.
  7. Keeping your feet planted and your arms extended forward, rotate your torso to the left. As you rotate, your arms will naturally point to the left. But make sure you use your core to pull on the resistance band and rotate — not your arms.
  8. Once you finish with one side, do the same thing on your right.


2. Resistance Band Tricep Workout

Strengthen your arms with this workout.

  1. Loop the resistance band through a cab door hand-hold, like the core workout above.
  2. Gripping the resistance band handles, stand with your back to the door with your legs slightly spread and your feet firmly planted. The resistance band should be right above your shoulders on both sides of your head.
  3. Pointing your palms forward and knuckles backward toward the truck, bring your fists to just above your temples so that your elbows are jutting forward. Make sure there is quite a bit of resistance on the band, so that your hands shake a little and it’s difficult to hold steady.
  4. Keeping your upper arms extended straight out in front of you, use your forearms to pull the resistance bands forward. Your triceps should feel the burn.


3. Resistance Band Bicep Workout

Get stronger biceps:

  1. Hold both grips of the resistance band with your right hand.
  2. Place your right foot into the hanging loop and step down onto it.
  3. Bring your right hand to your right hip.
  4. To perform the curl, lift your arm up and across to your left shoulder, then back down again to your right hip.
  5. Once you finish with one side, do the same thing on your other side.


What is a resistance band?

A resistance band looks a lot like a jump rope, except it’s made of rubber and used exclusively for exercise as opposed to leisure.


Where can I buy a resistance band? (They’re cheap! $10–$20)

  • Start at your nearest department store, then work your way out to other shops if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
    • Ask people in the store where you can find one.
    • Follow signs in the store for Sports & Outdoors or Exercise & Fitness.


Think you don’t have time to exercise?

That may feel true, but there are in fact truck drivers out there who’ve been successful in finding time to exercise.

The truth is, you fill your time with what you want. If you really want something, you can usually make it happen.

Practically speaking, you may have to give up an activity to make time for exercise. For example, you may fill your leisure time with TV shows, spending extra time eating your meal, or what-have-you. So you may have to cut out an activity in order to exercise.

On the road, it’s hard to find time for anything other than delivering loads. But if you are interested in exercise, we’d like to provide some encouragement: It’s possible.


What if you lose motivation?

Don’t worry about it. Because any effort you put into exercise pays off. Even though It doesn’t feel good while you’re working out, it feels great after you work out when you’ve got all those positive chemicals flowing through your body.


When can you exercise?

  • At the end of the day

Maybe you take 30 minutes or so to settle down for the night, but you can use that time to knock out an exercise session. Some may say it’s not good to exercise before bedtime, but on the road, you do what you can!

  • On your break

Use part of your break to excerise.

  • Loading or unloading

Many truck drivers believe that when you exercise, you won’t earn as much because exercise takes time. But what if the truth were just the opposite? People who exercise claim they’re more energetic and have pride in themselves, allowing them to deliver more loads than if they hadn’t exercised.

It takes some creativity and spontaneity to exercise on the road. And if you try to make it a habit, you will struggle with consistency. But remember this: Any exercise is much better than no exercise!


So what exercises help you stay fitter on the road? Please share an exercise you do on the road in the comments below!